Sunday 20 December 2015

Occultism - A Poem
Jill Usher

Occultism - A Poem

Fascination held me fast
Astonished at what had past
The humdrum beat was not all there was
A world beyond, yet within my grasp

Entering in
I was adept at the craft
It was plainly true
I could tell
the future and its travails

Deeper and deeper I journeyed in
Awareness of a greater mind
awed by the power
no sense of shame crossed my mind

But out of nowhere
the darkness came
leering demons
like a shot

The battlefield arose, surrounding me
the power marshaled against me
Delphi at my side
whispering lies

But the Ancient One
He walked the sky
Peace eternal, peace profound
gentle as rain
I was found

Shame laid bare
My choice was clear
the eternal ONE
saved me
from the lies

A poem I wrote about my foray into the occult before I was saved.

Be always in Christ,

Jill Usher

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