Monday 4 January 2016

Happy New Year!
Brian Tada

I am grateful for all the many “likes” and comments on my personal Facebook page about this graphic, so much so that I would like to share this image with my fellow artists and customers on Fine Art America.

The year 2016 on the Gregorian Calendar is 5776,  “Ayin Vav” on the Hebrew Calendar,

“Vav” is the 6th letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet (alphabet). It refers to “man”; also a tent peg.

Interestingly, Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name in Hebrew contains “Ayin Vav”. He is the Man (Son) of God, 100% perfection, Who gave His life as The Ransom for our sins, crucified on a Cross with iron pegs (spikes), and gloriously resurrected to give us New Life (Yeshua = Salvation).

Isaiah 54:2-3 speaks of spreading out one’s tent pegs for God’s increase. I believe “5776” speaks of that increase. Yeshua's Name will increase worldwide, especially among the precious Jewish people and Muslim people who will see visions of Messiah Jesus in greater measure.

More of His presents, starts with more of His presence. Let it increase today…

Have a super day, an awesome year, and a terrific forever! :-)

Artwork notes:

Embedded in the top right-hand corner is the Hebrew acronym for "B'ezras Hashem" [ב ס " ד] meaning "with God's help". It is a reminder to me as an artist and photographer of my dependence on the Almighty, the Originator of all creativity. This is a similar acknowledgement used by great artists like Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel who signed their work with the Latin phrase, "Soli Deo gloria" which means, "Glory to God alone".

The fireworks photo in this image is one of several I took on July 4th, 2014 over San Francisco Bay. Please view my fireworks album in my portfolio for additional fireworks images by themselves.

Photo and illustration copyright © 2016 Brian Tada. To the glory of God. Downloading, distributing, displaying online and/or altering this image without the express written permission of the photographer is prohibited.

Does the Jewish New Year 5776 Hold Special Meaning?

Happy New Year!

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